Competency Based Education Program

    Competency Based Education Program

    Offering a FREE degree program in Advertising and Marketing

    During our pilot program, all degrees will be offered to our students at no cost to the student. Students will be expected to gain the real life skills and experience to help enable the student to find a job in advertising and marketing.

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    Competency Based Training Program

    Jenkins Interactive Advertising – Competency Based Training Program

    During our pilot program, all degrees will be scholarshipped to our students at no cost to the student.  Students will be expected to gain the real life skills and experience to help enable the student to find a job in advertising and marketing.

    Life Experience Degree

    Life experience degrees are designed for the learners who exhibit core competencies of knowledge, skill and experience in some field of interest. In other words, these degrees have their foundation on what you have done in your life pertaining to a degree program. If you have not undertaken formal classes in a field, yet have in-the-field training you are equally positioned as those who gain knowledge by means of textbooks and lectures. Many times people fail to grow in their career because they do not possess a formal degree. Individuals with a degree, on the other hand, are professionally better off. On the basis of your experience, you can gain a life experience degree which would facilitate in your career development.

    Please note:  We are not affiliated with any degree granting institution and are held harmless to the validity of the accreditation or degree granting body(ies).  The degrees granted to the student will verify the students skills and enhance the student’s chance for employment.

    The Significance of Life Experience Degrees

    In the present times of cutthroat competition, attaining life experience degrees seems to have gained critical importance. Because employers do not differentiate between individuals with academic degrees and individuals with alife experience degree, earning a life experience degree can be beneficial for you. Someone having same experience just as yours can be given preference on the basis of a degree; this is where a life experience degree can come to your aid. Once you get a life experience degree, you will have the same growth opportunities as those who have formal education and training.

    Experience Requirements:

    Our competency based – life experience training program has been created for applicants who have no or a minimum amount of real – life experience related to the desired program. Life experience will include learning and applying all skills learned in a real world environment in a natural progression.

    Life Skill Courses:

    Course materials are emailed to every student, and all assignments must be submitted via email. Optional course readings may be available but do not include the quick-check assignments or graded assignments. 

    All competencies based‚“ life experience training will be done at the students pace.  We lecture on our course content, give the student real life experience assignments and guide and support the student through out the entire life experience training and after graduating from our degree program..

    Course Materials:

    Current materials will be emailed to the student and the student can work at their own pace. Student will be expected to apply real life experience based on what they have learned for the course.


    Read the course material provided by the trainer to cue you to major highlights as well as important material or concepts not mentioned in your text.

    In each life experience lesson, there are sections called Real Life Experience Skills and Reading Assignments and Activities. Pay particular attention to these sections because they will give you specific information and instructions for the lesson you are studying.

    Respond to the Real Life Experience Skills questions following each lesson. The trainer will provide you with immediate feedback for these assignments. Note: These real life experience assignments will be evaluated weekly and extra training and support will be offered to help student to gain real life experience results.

    At the end of most lessons, you will be emailed additional valuable information on advertising to help the student learn more about advertising. These assignments are intended to help you understand the principles and styles of advertising discussed in each lesson. The email information will be constantly evaluated to help student apply newly learned skills on a weekly basis. Students will collect an example of each ad mentioned from a magazine or newspaper in their assigned local community. Each item must be a different ad.

    An advertising campaign should be started in lesson.  When the trainer feels the student is ready, the student will be submitted a real life experience advertising campaign assignment. At the end of the course you will be expected to prove your Real Life Experience Skills by physically going out into your local community and actually sell advertising and/or marketing programs to small business owners. The student will be graded on the number of real life experience sales they make.

    Advertising Campaign Assignment:

    Students are to develop an advertising campaign for a local community discount and/or student discount card program. As part of this assignment you will gain real life experience by selling ad spots on a local community and/or student discount card.

    Course Outcomes:

    Students will learn to communicate effectively with their audiences through the understanding and application of advertising strategy.

    Students will learn to act professionally by working in advertising agency teams, presenting their campaigns, and interacting with client representatives.

    Students will be scholars in the advertising process by understanding the history of advertising, the concepts of advertising theory, and the creation and implementation of advertising strategy.

    Students will apply life experience skills as they learn to create and develop advertising strategy that is ethical and reflects a sensitivity of diversity.

    Course Objectives:

    This course is designed to provide you with a fundamental knowledge of the following areas:

    An over view knowledge of the history of advertising.

    An understanding of the role of advertising as a social and economic force.

    How advertising supports freedom of the press.

    An overview knowledge of advertising globally, nationally and locally, including an understanding of the relationship of advertising to the marketing concept, basic marketing principles, marketing objectives, marketing strategies and other integrated marketing communications in the promotional mix.

    An overview knowledge of the advertising industry, including full service advertising agencies, in-house agencies, advertisers, boutiques, media buying services, media sales and other related businesses and the various kinds of jobs in each part of the industry.

    A basic understanding of both primary and secondary research and the roles they play in marketing and advertising decision-making and strategy development.

    A basic understanding of the creative process, including the critical role of creative strategy development, copywriting, graphic design, art direction and web development.

    An overview knowledge of the media planning, buying and selling process that includes the critical role of media strategy development and the strengths and weaknesses of each medium including new and emerging media.

    Knowledge of the advertising regulatory bodies and an understanding of how advertising is regulated in the U.S.

    Competency Based Training program coached by Jenkins Interactive Advertising




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